Sunday, October 30, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Some pictures of our Halloween cookies for our neighbors:

 Ready for delivery!
Now that those are done, it's time to get working on our costumes! Happy Halloween!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Beautiful Autumn

The theme of my latest cookie orders has been FALL! And since that is my absolute favorite season of the year, I'm ok with that. :) First, a batch of Halloween pumpkin cookies for a Montessori school class. Happy Halloween kids!

Next, a batch of Fall themed cookies. I had a lot of fun with these!
 Don't they look so scrumptious?

 Oops, I almost forgot the acorns.
That's all for now! Tomorrow I'll be moving onto making oodles and oodles of Halloween cookies. Can't wait!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Purses and Rings

Purses and rings, some of a girl's favorite things! I recently received an order for purse cookies, which I was excited about because I am a big fan of purses in general and it's fun to play designer when I decorate them. :)

 The order for rings was a gift for a newly engaged couple. It was my first time trying the ring cookie cutter, so I tried a variety of looks for the diamond and just used blue and white. I think these would look great with gold or silver colors for the ring itself, and maybe some glitter on the diamond. I'm looking forward to making more in the future!


Some more just-for-fun cookies, experimenting wtih a bird cookie cutter. I just used the icing colors that I already had, but I think that next time I could use different colors to make more realistic looking birds. For my first try though, I am happy with how they turned out!

Under the Sea

My daughter Cecilia is obsessed with all sorts of sea creatures, and so we did some mother-daughter cookie decorating the other day. This is what we (I) came up with.

 Isn't she cute?

Friday, October 14, 2011

Ceci turns two!

For the big day today, I made princess cookies for my little princess, focusing on her favorite princesses Cinderella, Rapunzel and Belle. She really loved them and could recognize which dress belonged to which princess. I nearly burst with pride.

I'm a bit partial to the Cinderella cookies, since she was my favorite princess. :)

 We had to have some boy cookies for the boys coming to the party!
 The party favors, all ready to be handed out.
 And of course I just can't resist posting a picture of the birthday girl herself. Happy birthday Cecilia, Mommy loves you sooooo much!!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Birthday Diva

I couldn't wait to try out my new purse cookie cutter, and so I made these for my oh-so-stylish cousin who turned 30 today.
 The possiblities are endless, and I will definitely be using this cutter often. :)
 This little stinker was my taste tester. I'm a big believer in quality control!

Ice cream!

 I scream you scream we all scream for ice cream (cookies)! Although the icing colors ended up being a little darker than I had planned, I still think these cookies came out nicely. The thing is, they really confuse my senses...I mean, what am I supposed to make of fresh baked ice cream cones?

40 Days for Life

Trying to use the cookie cutters I have in new ways and inspired by the 40 Days for Life, I came up with these little footprint cookies. :)


In my family there are several diehard Notre Dame fans, and for the gamewatch last weekend I made these cookies. I learned 2 things from this batch: 1) baby onesie cookie cutters can be transformed into football jersey cookies and 2) I need to buy navy blue and gold coloring, because mixing yellow, orange and brown together does not equal gold. :/

And lastly, a picture of my little Irish lass/cookie-making apprentice, helping me bake a batch of chocolate chip cookies by stirring together the oatmeal and chocolate chips. What would I do without her?

Owls, Weddings, and Babies

Just a few pictures of my latest projects. I made another batch of owl cookies for my sweet sweet aunt who was in town for a visit:
 As well as some wedding cookies for another aunt who was married last month (yay!):
 And then some baby cookies for a sweet little baby boy named James, the 4th of 4 boys in my cousin's family. They are the cutest and sweetest boys you've ever seen, and I hope they enjoy snacking on these cookies. :) 

And then some girl cookies, just for fun. :)

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Owls, owls, and MORE owls!

My latest cookie adventure has been a lot of fun: I decided to play around with an owl cookie cutter. It started out simply, with cute little woodland owls:

Then my whimsical side took over, and the owls started becomming more colorful:

 And they looked so friendly and cute, that I lost ALL self control and could not stop making more colorful, cuddly owls!

Wouldn't these make a great gift? Or party favors? Thank "Whooo" cookies? Cookies from "owl" of us to you? The possibilities are endless! I think I'm in love and that I've found my "signature cookie" :)

More animals

So this weekend when I was making my Fall cookies, I got a little carried away. The cookies were so delicious, and the icing colors were so vibrant, I just had to continue! So I looked at my animal cookie cutters and two shapes really jumped out at me. First, a penguin. I immediately thought of my little brother Patrick, because ever since he was a little boy he's had an obsession with penguins because, well, let's face it: he's a bit crazy. I made these in his honor:
Continuing with the siblings' obsessions train of thought, I moved on to cats. My older sister, who lives here in town, has a crazy obsession with all cute little fuzzy animals but especially cats. She currently owns at least a dozen, so I made a few cat cookies to join her family: