Sunday, June 17, 2012

Father's Day baby cookies

These were ordered by a sweet lady for her husband's very first Father's Day. It was my first time doing baby themed cookies in gender neutral colors, since at the time I was decorating, baby had not been born yet (although he was due any day). Now that the baby has arrived I've learned that he is a boy, and a very cute one at that. Congrats Lillian and Dan and I hope you (and baby Xavier) enjoy the cookies!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Another order (also for my sister) for thank you cookies for her midwife and doula, Parveen and Amy. My sister has delivered her last 3 babies at home and the last birth was the best yet, thanks to Parveen and Amy who are an awesome team. I really enjoyed making these cookies because 1. I'm obsessed with all things baby right now (nesting, maybe??) and 2. it's always especially fun to make cookies for people that I know personally, because I can try to add a touch of their personality in the cookies.
Onesies are so much fun because the possibilities are endless. Here are some floral prints:
And here are some whimsical ones. Which one do you like best?
And I'll admit, I went a little crazy with the pictures this order!:

I just loved these so much I almost didn't want to part with them!
 Amy and Parveen I hope you enjoy your cookies!

Thank you teacher!

My sister ordered these to give to her daughter's teachers as an end of the school year "thank you" gift. I had fun doing something new, and using my cookie cutters creatively to make the rectangles and pencil shapes. :)

 Because each teacher was being given 6 cookies, and I don't have any bakery boxes small enough for that number, I put them in blue lunch bags. I thought that, for a school teacher gift, they looked very fitting. :)

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Coach handbags

These were for a lovely customer who wanted  to surprise her friend Marybeth on her birthday with a dozen purse cookies. I went with pink and soft brown, as well as some Coach symbols to add a little sophistication. What do you think?

 I used square cookies for the "word" cookies instead of the usual round ones, because I thought it coordinated well with the rectangular purses.