Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Another order (also for my sister) for thank you cookies for her midwife and doula, Parveen and Amy. My sister has delivered her last 3 babies at home and the last birth was the best yet, thanks to Parveen and Amy who are an awesome team. I really enjoyed making these cookies because 1. I'm obsessed with all things baby right now (nesting, maybe??) and 2. it's always especially fun to make cookies for people that I know personally, because I can try to add a touch of their personality in the cookies.
Onesies are so much fun because the possibilities are endless. Here are some floral prints:
And here are some whimsical ones. Which one do you like best?
And I'll admit, I went a little crazy with the pictures this order!:

I just loved these so much I almost didn't want to part with them!
 Amy and Parveen I hope you enjoy your cookies!


  1. Mary!
    Just looked for you and found this lovely site and saw the pics of the amazing cookies that you made for me!!! Aaaah, I can taste them now, the whole family enjoyed them! Painful to watch your beautiful, intricate works of art being bitten to pieces though! I couldn't eat them! My children were desperate to try them and salivated when they were within a few feet of the box! So, after a few days of admiring them and taking lots of pictures we dug in and drowned in your heavenly creations - they taste as good as they look!
    Amy and I squealed, cooed, and aaahed at the sweet designs, thought and effort that had gone into each and every one as we admired layer upon layer of delicious, sweet, sugary perfection! I was bowled over by everything, from the beautiful presentation box, to how the cookies were wrapped and sealed with a pretty ribbon, down to the very last tasty crumb!
    Totally sold and will be back for more! You are super talented! :-))))
    Thank you SO much! xoxox

  2. Must impress how difficult it was to see these being devoured by my over-zealous boys! They did admire them greatly first and again, with every bite! Must be truthful, didn't really dig in as much as tentatively sort through the box to find my least favorite to offer up, without success! I let them choose and tried to hold onto the bag for just a little bit longer! My 3yr old, sensing my anguish, asked me to take another picture of him holding it before he ate it!
    Thankfully, they each had a different favorite and didn't all want the "Born at Home" (they all were) cookie!