Thursday, November 10, 2011

Christmas preview

 I'm posting a little preview of my Christmas cookie collection, at the risk of being disowned by my family members. Growing up, our family Christmas traditions were absolutely sacred, and they all followed a strict schedule (for example, not listening to Christmas music until Advent starts, putting up the Christmas tree and decorating it on Christmas Eve night, etc. etc.). So, what I'm about to do might cause a scandal in the family. Here goes!


  1. Oh YYUUUUUMMMMMM!!!! My mouth is watering Mary! Do you happen to make Gluten Free Cookies yet?? when you do (that's a hint :-) ) I would be VERY happy to be your taste taster. Also, how do I order some regular cookies? I want a big batch for Thanksgiving. Thanks!!
    Amy Bookwalter

  2. So MANY beautifully decorated cookies... where do I begin?? I really like the green, red, and gold Christmas tree. And the technique used on the hat and mittens is sooo cool. I am completely in awe with those ornaments -- they look so REAL and are one of my favorite Christmas decorations. But who wouldn't fall in love with the adorable snow men and ginger bread men? And the snowflakes are completely intricate and delicate like snowflakes should be. You've really outdone yourself with all of these, Mary!

  3. if we lived closer to you Mary, I'd definitely be ordering lots of cookies this holiday season! beautiful work!!