Thursday, November 10, 2011

Leftover icing

Most of the time when I've completed a cookie order, I'm left with a bit of leftover icing. I love to try to use this up because I'd hate to see all that scrumptious, colorful icing go bad! As my very wise mother would always say, "waste is sinful" and we wouldn't want that now would we? I had leftover red, blue, and black from Spiderman cookies, as well as pink and yellow from baby girl cookies. So, since I was decorating on a lovely Friday afternoon, I made these. Can you tell which one was made by Cecilia?:
 Cecilia especially loves it when I'm making "leftover" cookies, because she gets to help decorate. She provided me with the inspiration for the following cookies.
Can you tell why?:
You'll also notice that we were creative with leftover Halloween M&M's as well. Aren't you proud, Mommy?

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  1. Oh the Tompkins girls are going to go NUTS for those beautiful ballet shoe cookies! I like the photo of Cecilia decorating the cookies -- good mommy-daughter bonding time right there! :)